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One of the many aspects of CS:GO include the ability to trade for skins with other players. This has created quite a vibrant trading community/economy.

Some official trading sites include: (there is an option to see only CS:GO item trades)

Sign in with your steam account and you'll be ready to go.

To check prices, just look up the name of the item and a link for the steam market should pop up on Google. Its a great way to estimate prices in order to create convincing trades.

At the moment, knives are some of the rarest items in the game and can be sold for steam wallet money.


When people add you and send you a link immediately upon adding (claiming their friend can't add you), make sure that link is spelled correctly. If it is not, report that person immediately for trade scamming and unfriend them. They are called phishers and if you had signed in on the fake site, they would have stolen all your items.

^This happens more often once you get more expensive things.
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