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Note On Betrayal In Servers

Place to post regarding any mods or scripts in Halo PC.
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4 years ago

Not sure if this has been said before but I say this for all the players who play on our servers or people admining. When you have friendly off in servers, one has the ability to betray without the use of vehicles. Often times in servers players will by chance open fire on their teammates by mistake. Then the person being shot at launches a grenade between the person who just shot them and themselves. They don't commit suicide but rather the person who first started firing has betrayed the person who just launched the grenade. This is a common technique on the zombie servers where humans are often times doing this to spawn in different locations. It's not a bad technique though your causing the other player to die as well and is a rule breaker. Watch out :!: :idea:
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4 years ago

Betrayers... that's what brought me to your server. I play Halo map 10 daily and hate being betrayed, then the flag is stolen by them. I have too much time on my hands and would like to help keep the betrayers out of that map. It is the only map I ever play. How do I apply to be able to ban or boot them? THANKS! : ) Travis aka Hemroids

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