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Enable /lead 0 in CE

Place to post regarding any mods or scripts in Halo PC.
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4 years ago

A§H»ĴΘΘĶ wrote:
These guys are both right. It takes at least *some skill to kill something with lead.
People like a challenge, and the ones who don't (in my experience) are too easily satisfied.

Sapp has some place in Halo, however there is a Phasor script for no-lead: ... sor-nolead
(don't expect it anytime soon our servers though)

I can forsee a future where A§H has two SniperGulch servers, one with lead and one with no-lead.
Yeah, I've heard about Phasor script, but never been able to try it out, do you know any server running this?
I agree it takes more effort, and involves different skills, It's just I don't think this is how the game was meant to be, anyway, Halo's pretty fun playing, with both lead and no-lead. :)

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3 years ago

If anyone looked at this and wondered?

Q: Does this work?
A: Nope.

Q: Is it a script?
A: Nope.

Q: Whats wrong with it.
A: Wizard never really got it working... Ever...

Q: Will it ever be fixed.
A: Sorry, once again that is a no. I told wizard last year and he told me he didn't care.

Q: Why is it still there then?
A: Wizard doesn't care enough to take it down. Its only use now is to break a phasor command named "objectidtoplayer."

Q: Could nolead be scripted?
A: Hit-scan that can't identify head shots or body shots, yes, otherwise no.

Also if anyone has ever noticed is breaks phasor's ping reporting more then the normal phasor does.

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3 years ago

No lead is a joke. The idea of no lead is ok but it's nowhere near what it should be. No lead is inconsistent and it will register shots in negative lead, no lead, and partial lead. For instance, lets say you have someone or maybe even an AI moving back and forth from point A to point B. Enable god mode for that player or AI and then shoot them with the pistol. Fire your first 12 rounds just behind them and no lead will register some of them as a hit. Fire your next 12 rounds directly on the player and no lead will register some of the shots as a hit. And lastly fire another 12 rounds just in front of them as if you have about 8 to 16 ping and no lead will again register some of the shots as hits. No lead is extremely inconsistent and you will literally have to shoot around and hope that it chooses to register your shot. For the most part though no lead will register negative lead meaning that you can shoot where a player was and still hit them even if they already got behind cover. The idea of no lead is actually really good, but sapp no lead is for people that have little to no skill and they rely on no lead to make their missed shots register as hits.

Here is a video showing how much no lead sucks. I was looking for a server to play in a few weeks back and I found this one. I tried leading at first but decided to switch to no lead. Most of the time I had to shoot where a player was. Several times though when I should have gotten a 3sk or at least have been able to finish someone off no lead registration switched from negative lead to positive lead and they killed me.


Especially pay attention to 1:36. I clearly shot in front of the guy while he was moving towards me (and not into my shot). I completely missed him but no lead registered it as a head shot.

If no lead actually worked I wouldn't mind it because I understand the struggle of playing with a higher ping, but the bottom line is that it doesn't work and people like it because it will register their missed shots as hits meaning they can suck at the game and still do well. Also, no lead makes it so that aimbots and autoaim require little tuning if any at all meaning that someone can join a server, hold shift, and kill everyone without missing that much if at all.
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3 years ago

Actually... The problem isn't really SAPP, even if Oxide would have stayed around long enough to finish Phasor 2.2 his nolead would have had the same exact issues.

The problem is Halo (CE&PC) are both running at 30 Tick, and the issue with that is when your getting over 30 fps you are getting to see where the player is MORE often then the server can even see where the player is, so when you shoot behind them sometimes that is exactly where the server thinks they are. Halo: MCC has the same issue with Halo cause its still running 30 tick. Yes the nolead in MCC is better (thanks to SaverInteractive having the source code) but it still has the same issues cause of Halo's core netcode running at 30 ticks per second. Sadly you cant just boost the tick rate to 60 due to the fact that all the animations and physics are... well played at 30 tick so by hacking halo and making it 60 tick you would also be doubling the speed of all the animations.

I know playing halo in 30FPS to see what the server sees is not an option cause.. it makes my eyes bleed to, I understand it.

SAPP nolead is doing the best it can with what it has and due to the fact that Halo (PC&CE) doesn't use hit-scan and instead good old hit-boxes, this means you have to also aim for bullet speed (so at far distances you still have to lead your shots.)

Now I'm not saying I love sapp, cause the dev is kinda a... you know what, but there is nothing he could really do to bypass this and has given the best that Halo can offer.

And to actually make halo 60 tick you would have to give players all new map files that have animation files that are running at 60 tick, since it doesn't really have an option in the netcode to tell the client at what speed to run animations.

Now it sucks when your aiming at a player and your like: "Common I was aiming right at his head and he was standing on top of me..." well, say your game is running at 120 fps, you seen the players movement (that is smoothed out by the client) but the server hasn't quite gotten to the next the next tick that tells it where that player was which is why you have to shoot behind players quite often. In actuality you shooting behind them is shooting for the tick the server is on while your frame-rate is way ahead and more accurate (if your getting over 30 fps that is.)

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