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1 year ago

Around April 1st (April Fool's Day), our donate button at the top of our forums and website was replaced with this banner:

This was a clever April Fool's Day joke conducted by PÕQ~Technut of the Players of Quality Clan (founded as Poquoson Clan). Well done.

No illegal hacking was performed for this prank and thus our resources were not wrongly compromised. This happened as a result of some negligence on my part months or years ago. I needed a donate button to draw some attention from forum and website users and PÕQ had one that worked fine, so I linked the image off their website.

The picture at one online location of their website used to represent this donation button:
For the prank, they changed the picture at that same online location to represent the prank banner at the top of this post. As a result, the donation buttons across our website and forums were changed to the prank banner.

Here's a relevant post from PÕQ's forums on the matter.
I don't usually like linking to websites of other clans but I'll make an exception here.

It would've been nice if they could've reverted the prank banner back to the old donate button. I'll just assume they forgot to do this. I didn't take action on this until I was bothered enough to remove myself from my studies and delete it.

It's flattering to see PÕQ~Technut use A§H in his April Fool's Day prank, given the circumstances A§H was founded under. I know from 11 years of experience, four of them spent at PÕQ, that his clan has not had a lot of reasons to laugh since their founding, especially in conjunction with another offspring clan such as A§H. I hope this prank is reflective of a positively changing aura between the A§H and PÕQ Clans.
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1 year ago

I had noticed that and it caught my attention.
What naughty boys :lol:

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