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>A< Zedd "candidate"

Introduce yourself here! The clan would love to see new faces so we know who to slaughter in Halo.
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1 year ago

Hello my nickname is "zedd" send my application to join the ash clan about 2 months or more ago and I still do not have an answer, now I am more active in 27 and 22 in HALO CE and Team Speak 3 but almost never there is anyone so it is difficult to know them to all, equally I have good relationship with most ...
I just wanted to remind you that I really want to go in and I'm still waiting for your answer, Thanks ...

I hope you have understood me well, I am not very good with English :)

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1 year ago

Hola, zedd. Esperemos que esta vez sea la buena. Ya has estado esperando por un tiempo y en lo personal no he visto alguna falta. Pero como sabes todo se toma a revisión. Esperemos que esa perseverancia se vea reflejada en tu aplicación. Saludos.

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1 year ago

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