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do you think minecraft is too easy?

Post like crazy in here! Anything and everything goes! Post count is DISABLED.

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Do you think minecraft is too easy?

Well then come join my server,
which will be on easy mode,
but it will be like it is on hard mode due to the teleporting mobs and random deaths that come out of nowhere ;) .

You ever wish it took multiple tries to break a block?
Neither have I, but you can if you join my server.

Ever wish you would lagport into lava while in the nether?
Well now you can :D .

Ever wish it took multiple tries to move an item in your inventory?
no you say? well too bad we got it too :awesome: .

Ever wish your beautiful creation would just be gone without your consent?
Well too bad for you since the server has greif prevention and a way to roll large areas
and a block log :awesome: .
When potatoes meet pototoes, what happens?

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