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Favorite scene's ( Spoilers.....DUH)

Post in here if you got some awesome videos or pictures to share!
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1 year ago

here are some of my favorite scene's and bits......some make me laugh , others choke me up..
Like the subject says ......spoilers...

The Lords of the Rings "Boromir dies".
Unfortunately, the true character of Boromir doesn't show as well in the original movie as it does in the book.
He was a very honorable and brave man.

The Hobbit "Far over the Misty Mountains cold".
I love the dwarves in the Middle Earth saga , they're my favorite people .
This is the full version of the song that the dwarves sing in the home of Bilbo .

Bladerunner "Tears in the rain".
A twisted ending if ever I saw one....turns the complete story around..

Aliens "Close encounters".
Just love it..

Spaceballs "Whoooo???".

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1 year ago

Bladerunner... Best movie ever. And the soundtrack by Vangelis completed it.

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6 months ago

Grey's Anatomy
Knowing Dr. Miranda Bailey. If there is someone who should reprensentar my character, she is the indicated

The Paper House
Berlin is sacrificed by the group

Harry Potter and The Order of the Poenix
Dumbledore saves Harry
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