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Unban Request

So you've been banned? What a shame, let's see if you're worthy of our mercy.

Moderators: A§H»HITMAN, A§H»VISION

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1 year ago

for Slendyalex please on the server 27

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1 year ago

You've been keeping our admins busy.. and they dont have the time to make sure you are not disrupting the game for everyone else. Glitching vehicles, ignoring our simple rules, ignoring warnings, being rude to our members.... and cheating by using SJ on our servers- which- should have been a permanent ban on the first offense- but we gave you more chances.
We have given you multiple opportunities to follow the rules..and yet you continue to try to ruin the game for other guests on our servers.
Not acceptable.
Please find somewhere else to play.

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