Minecraft Spigot 1.12.2 (Home Host Temporary)

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I hope im posting in right forum section its been a long while since i been on ash clan forums since reintroduction day on here for me
but my minecraft username is endcycle
and im currently home hosting a spigot 1.12.2 server I am central standard time and won't be on it all the time so some days the server will be offline unless you want contact details so i can contact you when its up again I have a co owner for the server as staff but currently they are not active as much as i need them to be and its going to be a themed server maybe like for exploring create dungeons etc maybe a few exp plugins here and there it all depends on what theme is whoever wants to pitch in just send me a pm
I have an application apply feature in the server itself but since this is ash clan i trust that everyone here is a responsible adult not to grief a server the server does have anti cheat system in place already I am just looking for help to create this world and have staff to get the server moving in a good direction my friend will help too hes just busy till next week it is home hosted i know people look down on this and i don't have much ram on this pc thats why i need this server worked on alot then as a group we can look into finding someone to sponser us and host it for us if anyone's willing to pitch in on this side project something just to do you don't have to always be active life is more important i know so if anyone who doesn't want to get involved I am okay with that aswell I will accept that if you do want to get involved thats great news and I thank you alot sadly server will be down the rest of the night tonight because its late in central time and i got stuff to do tomorrow so i don't know when it will be up again

I am basically wanting help and staff for my minecraft server

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