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"POLL" Games we have in common with each other.

Posted: March 28th, 2018, 1:37 pm
by A§H»Shock
okay Here is the list of games I have (to make this easier for me, CAPITALISE the whole name of the game you have in common with my post :) thanks.)
My Games:

--Unturned. (this game is free)
--Halo pc. (duh lol)
--Halo ce.
--Minecraft. (legit bought account)
--Supreme Commander.
--Supreme Commander forged alliance.
--Supreme Commander 2.
--Empyrion Galactic Survival. (this goes down to 9$ on sale pretty often)
--Space Engineers. (this used to do down to 9$, but I think it's 10$ now)
--America's Army Proving Grounds. (tbh never played this, but last I saw it was free)
--Killing Floor. (If I remember correctly a ash person gave me this game, ty btw)
--Besiege. (they now have multiplayer)
--Earth 2160. (old game, not free :I )
--World Of Tanks.
--World Of Warships. (I have not updated it in a while though)
--Armored Warfare (I heard it was dying though)
Pretty sure I got all of my games . . .