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Jokes aside: ... mited.html

Didn't really look that much into it so I don't know what all it entails. Most likely something like you have to sign up for a 2 year contract but only pay for the second year and the sim card to get started. Something to possibly consider if Sprint is actually good in your area and if you're looking to save a little (assuming it would still be cheaper than other carriers).
Impulse: JAMIE
°jamie: HELLO
Impulse: wait
Impulse: is this jamie
Impulse: or is it her brother
°jamie: this time its me
°jamie: he plays rocket league
°jamie: on my account
°jamie: lol
Impulse: but how do i know
°jamie: usually i tell him to go offline tho
°jamie: >_>
Impulse: say something only jamie would know
°jamie: because i'm jamie
°jamie: and i'm not mean
°jamie: and we played portal 2 together
°jamie: once
°jamie: :D
Impulse: LOL
Impulse: yep
Impulse: you're jamie

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