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Windows 10 is not really compatible with asus and their rog products. I just tried to install it and it messed up my whole computer. It's because most rog motherboards are custom and they haven't made proper drivers for the os yet. So half way into my install it hit a bump and knocked the whole thing off its tracks. The or didn't know if it should use my on-board graphics or my GPU and it just gave up because of that. So now I have to mail my whole console to cali so asus can wipe it and reinstall 8.1. I'll be making this a cross post into ask because I might be gone for a few weeks.

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2 years ago

Usually a bad idea to install an untested new OS with patched together rare motherboards.

Good luck getting that sorted out. You can't wipe it and reinstall an OS from your end? and why go back to 8.1? 8 and 10 are practically the same shell only 10 has improved upon the 8 OS short comings. Wouldn't it be safer to go to 7 if your having trouble with 10?

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