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3 years ago

As most of you guys know I am currently using a Macbook Air and decided to just stop gaming. Well for the past month I have been selling some "Stuff" and have raised up to $550. Now I currently own a badass keyboard/mouse/Monitor but have no idea what type of desktop to get. Any recommendations? i am considering to create a custom PC just list the specs i should go after.
My range is $500-$600.

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3 years ago

What games are you planning on playing on this machine, are you planning on building it yourself and do you know how, do you have windows already or is that something that needs to be included in the price, are you going to be upgrading in the near future, what games do you think you'll play in the future, do you have any preferences when it comes to things such as brands, noise, color coordination, ect.?

This site is what a lot of people use. If you know enough about the individual parts you can always browse through and get an idea of what is possible with that budget.
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