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Moto 360

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The Moto 360 is a smart watch that came out around a year ago for $250. It was the first round smart watch and it has/had several features that other smart watches didn't have. The moto 360 dropped down to $150 in the past few months (I think) and I've had my eye on it since it was first mentioned. I decided to pick one up from Walmart since most reviews were positive. I used the watch for a few hours and was greatly disappointed so I returned it as soon as I had the time to go back to the store I got it from. This post/thread is for anyone thinking about buying a moti 360 (or any smart watch for that matter).

As soon as I took it out of the box I had the feeling I wasn't going to like it because it felt like it was made out of very cheap materials. The moto 360 has gorilla glass 3 (gg3) but it is raised on the watch as if you put 2 glass screen protectors on it. In other words, you have the metal body, and about a 6mm piece of gg3 placed not inside of the metal shell, but on top of it. Imagine the bezel around your phone screen is all metal and the actual screen is glass and that glass is raised about 6mm up from the metal bezel, not a great experience. This wouldn't really matter to much accept I was planning on buying a 3mm glass screen protector for the watch and adding 3mm onto the already raised glass would have made it look and feel ridiculous. The watch was also dead right out of the box which is rare for electronics now a days. I know that devices sit around for some time but normally when you get a new piece of technology it'll at least have around 30% battery left. One of the things that I liked about the moto 360 was the fact that you didn't have to plug it in to charge it, instead you place it on the chi dock to wirelessly charge it. Since the watch was dead out of the box I had to sit it on the charger and wait for a bit before I could start using it. This is where I ran into another thing that made me hate the watch and the fact that I paid $150 for it. Everyone knows that a device will charge a lot faster when its turned off and I figured that it wouldn't take that long for the watxh to charge up enough to use it. Once the watch got to about 5% it turned itself on and as soon as it was to the watch home screen it automatically dimmed the lighting down so that you could see the time while it charges. Even though the screen was dimmed so much so that you couldn't hardly see it the watch wasn't charging very fast (and at first it wasn't even charging fast enough to keep up with how fast the battery was being depleted). After around 30-40 minutes the watch was finally at around 30% (it's supposed to be able to charge fully in around an hour I think). I set everything up and then connected it to my phone. I started looking through the android wear store and found a watch face and a launcher to use because the moto 360's launcher is worse than windows vista. After spending around 45 minutes trying to figure out how to apply the new watch face and launcher I got a notification for a software update on the watch. By this time the watch was at about 15% and the update wouldn't run unless it was at 80%. So I put it on the charger and left it there while I watched a movie. A while later the watch was finally charged so I let it update and then I finally found out how to apply the new watch face and launcher. The watch was now at 80% after using it for less than 30 minutes. This is when I decided that I was just going to return the watch.

Here are the pros and cons of the moto 360.

Price dropped $100
First round smart watch and somewhat better looking than the other ones depending on which color you get
Motorola product (I have a moto x 2nd gen so I liked the fact that the watch was also a moto product)
Wireless charging
Water resistant
Gorilla glass 3
Very light
And various other features that don't really matter as I never got the chance to use them

Worst battery life I've ever seen
Heats up enough to cook an egg on the back
Screen is raised way to much making a glass screen protector a not so great idea
Feels like its made of cheap aluminum which it probably is
Won't stay turned off if it's charging
Charging takes forever
Resolution is horrible
The only web browser is one that you have to pay for
Not easy to navigate through the watch launcher/is
Almost no useful apps despite the fact it's been out for around a year
Won't stay connected to your phone half the time
Has to use Bluetooth to connect to your phone which drains phone and watch batteries way to fast
The instruction manuel literally just says to go to a site for the instruction manuel
Battery drains as if you're using it as a spotlight when the brightness is at 1 out of 5
Metal watch band is an extra $50 if you don't want leather
3rd party launcher won't work unless the watch is connected to your phone

That's about all I can think of right now for cons, there are probably more that I missed or didn't get the chance to come across.

If you are thinking about buying the moto 360 I would suggest looking elsewhere or even waiting until smart watches get better. Thank you for reading, Tucker is a team killing stalker.
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My neighbor actually owns one. Her husband joked that his wife's watch was nothing extraordinary. iI really don't see the purpose in these smart watches. I would just go with a regular 5 buck one from Wall-Mart than to buy one of them (same with the apple watches).
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