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Introduce yourself here! The clan would love to see new faces so we know who to slaughter in Halo.
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Please do move this thread to a different forum if I have placed it in the wrong one, to me, this board was the closest match to what I am posting for.

I am only here to try and get some assistance and clarification on what has been going on recently...

I would like to fist make clear that my presence here is in no way intending to cause any harm to ASH. I am only trying to resolve an issue that has been brewing because of another clan that I am of the opinion should be resolved once and for all.

I am Lasky® (obviously). I run The Dark Nexus Clan. We have been made aware by a former member, in fact namely someone who used to be our Chief of Staff, before we had no alternative but to permanently ban him for a long list of reasons. First of all and to be clear, this was actually done to protect our assets and secondly to prevent him from fabricating utter nonsense against us.

Our former CoS was "Grunt", an interesting individual from New Mexico.

I would love to share with you what he has actually done to us as he seems to be claiming that he has friends here in this clan, not that I am actually against this in anyway...

I am here as he is alleging that we (as in our clan) are "harassing" ASH. I am not sure how he figured that out since I personally have not been to your forums for at least 2 years or more, not because of anything against ASH in any way, just that I had no reason to contact you until now. Perhaps in the long run, we might have an agreement of some kind in the future, we can work something out I am sure.

I am asking ASH to confirm or deny these allegations and I am asking for any information that you have heard or received in relation to us to be stated so that we can clarify any misinformation that has been spread about us.

I do have a few ASH members on my Steam account, Crash and Echelon and Coyote to name a few... If you prefer, we can discuss this matter in more detail over Steam.

I look forward to a positive response in due course.

«DN»Lasky® [President of =DN=]

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