Who has the most KF Achievements?

Hordes of zombies wait to be killed...
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6 years ago

537 hours

All lvl 6's here too ...

Medic: 187k healing
Support: 1.1m welding points, 15.3m damage
Sharpshooter: 14.5k headshots
Commando: 4833 stalker kills, 5.8m damage
Berserker: 6.5m damage
Firebug: 8.3m damage
Demolitions: 10.7m damage


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6 years ago

WillRok wrote:110/285 (39%)
642 hours

Now lets compare perk stats. :troll:

Sharpshooter: Level 6, 47038 headshots
Medic: Level 6, 167k healing points
Firebug: Level 6, 7.2m damage points
Support: Level 6, 498k welding points, 8.6m damage points
Commando: Level 6, 4361 stalker kills, 8.3m damage points
Berserker: Level 6, 6.0m damage points
Demolitions: Level 6, 18.9m damage points

And btw, this is my main account, I also have somewhat decent perk stats on my second account ;P
135/285, 47%, i needs moree
411 hours :p

Sharpshooter: Level 6, 21477 headshots (jeez you have more than double what i do will o_o )
Medic: Level 6, 148K healing points
Firebug: Level 2, 325K flame damage (so bad at this and I hate it so much omg)
Support: 5.6M shotgun damage, 638K Welding points (so proud of all the doors i have welded <3 )
Commando: Level 4, 2.1M damage, 1439 stalker kills
Demo: Level 6, 5.6M damage
Berserker: Level 6, 19.9M damage (also so super proud of this no one can stop me I was born a berserker)


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