Killing Floor Rules?!

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We need rules for our servers! I found these at Convict Gaming
1. No music, singing, humming, jerking off or whatever else in the mic.
2. No one under sixteen (16) is allowed to use the mic in the server.
3. Be respectful to admins and players.
4. No racist, derogatory, or sexist comments.
5. No politics--no one cares who you voted for.
6. No advertising other servers, recruiting, and/or websites in our servers.
8. If you don't speak English, don't use your microphone. (English only in voice chat).
10. Pings over (???)
11. Don't be selfish, Play as a team.
12. No going Idle.
13. Do not block doorways or Stairways
14. Do not use glitches or bugs.

I found these rules to go pretty well (except the ones I scratched out) since they seem to cover most server issues that we've had where people have sometimes to high of a ping, or they go idle, or they block areas by wielding :p

We need ruels and they haven't been done. We need to fix things. I honestly don't know who is in the KF group but they don't seem to be doing anything. :diablo:
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