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3 years ago

I am looking at ways to mid our server to adjust bot count, difficulty, new weapons/skins, weight limits, etc. If anyone has any information that can not be found on steam please let me know. I'm also speaking with the leader of another group to learn from him.

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3 years ago

Thank you for your service and work Coyote, keep at it and keep us updated. If anyone has anything that can help this man, anything cool about Insurgency that they know about, such as where the cool servers are or what they think is fun, please post here. Service like Coyote's is what the Clan needs to keep advancing!
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3 years ago

There's lots of schools of thought considering mods for that game; everything from small cosmetic changes to complete overhauls have been performed in the past. I know of several different servers showcasing anything from tiny changes in the server code to almost total conversions. Since these are not our servers, I will not post the information for them here, but please get in contact with me over steam and I'll be glad to show you around.
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