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If you really must insist on seeding servers with at least 8 (yes EIGHT!) fake players just to get your servers noticed, you could at least try to ensure that 2 of the names you use are not well known hackers. To actually use 2 hacker's names voluntarily to promote your server(s) is scraping the barrel.

I honestly don't mean this to be a bitchy post, I fully understand that admins have gone by the wayside and halo has given in to the hackers. Heck I adminned for 10+ years and eventually gave up due to the apathy of those around me. But to use 2 hacker's names in your list of fake players just seems wrong.

It's really not all that long ago that ASH, POQ, etc actually meant something - relatively clean servers compared to the norm. I know those days are gone and fighting the hackers is all but pointless, but there are still some very simple checks you could do to prevent yourselves from actually promoting hacking

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People will not enter a server that is empty, then many of our members sow the servers entering with ramdoms names, ie names that Halo gives you (Neveda, ISC, BestBuy, Kemper, Luray, etc) placing in your username "%" or "New001". Wallers often change their names and it becomes difficult to find them. All administrators fight to have a community and fair play on the battlefield. The administrators also have personal lives outside the game, therefore we can not be all day pending of the people who enter our servers. If we can control the game at a precise moment we gladly do it. Nobody likes to play with cheaters and toxic people
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